About us

RDR Solare Investment inc

At RDR Solare Investment Inc; Import and Export we value your interest in our company and we proudly welcome you to allow us to satisfy your import or export needs. Our Company was created with the goal of providing our clients the best solution and services for their export and import needs both by air and by sea.

At RDR Solare Investment Inc; Import and Export is a commercial company which has been incorporated in the state of Florida since 2014 and it has been operating as the procurement office for service companies related to several industries in latin America and the USA.  

We have specialized in aerial and  maritime freight forwarding services for both grouped and complete cargo shipments, all done in a rapid, competent, and effective manner. But above all, customized to fit your needs.

We specialize in aerial, maritime, and terrestrial transport of heavy merchandise, project-based cargo, and parcel management with direct delivery to your home or office.

With over 10 years of experience, RDR Solare Investment Inc.  has consolidated itself as one of the leading companies in overseeing merchandise shipments to Venezuela, as well as many other countries, ensuring to provide excellent service and personalized, dedicated care towards our clients, providing a fast and effective solution to each of their specific requirements

Whenever possible, At RDR Solare Investment Inc Import and Export purchases directly from the manufacturers.  However, if a purchase is to be made for commercial reasons, it can be done through dealers or Agent.  Our main supply source is the United States, but we also buy through European and Chinese manufacturers  

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